Custom Printed Umbrellas

Get Creative with Your Messaging


Since 2010

If you have an outside seating area or a patio, you most likely have umbrellas. And if you have umbrellas, you have a great opportunity to communicate a message or enhance your brand awareness. Umbrellas can be printed with everything from logos to messaging.

Umbrellas are often located on patios that are near sidewalks and parking lots. That means they are highly visible to potential customers which is why you should capitalize on this opportunity to convey who you are. Many of our clients choose to brand their umbrellas with their logo or a brief, concise message. We recommend keeping these messages clear and simple or opting for a graphic instead. printonumbrellas offers a variety of other signage and banners that can be used to promote products and services or communicate another message.

Embrace a Messaging Mix

Custom printed umbrellas are just one part of a comprehensive messaging and communication strategy. If you want to maximize your impact and reach the most prospective customers, you should have a healthy mix of signs, banners, and graphics. printonumbrellas can customize a variety of signage for both inside and outside your business.